Psalm 40 Warrior ministry was birthed through a ton of tears, a lot of education, many failures, and mistakes (I built and maintain the website myself and often “break it”). It is my heart cry. It is a place where my prayer is, that you can find a way to pick up your sword and FIGHT. Not fight your spouse or therapist or clergy but fight the sin that has robbed your family of so much. Sexual Addictions do NOT have to win. You can be healed. Your marriage can be restored. Your integrity can be rebuilt. All the things that addiction has stolen from you, can be restored. How do I know? The Bible told me so.

Ready to Stop?

Freedom from pornography and masturbation IS possible. Many have walked this scary and difficult path and are on the other side of this insanity. Are you ready to take charge of your life again?

Ready to Grow?

Trust and intimacy CAN be restored. Rebuilding a relationship after sexual betrayal may seem impossible but the opposite is true. Are you ready to work together to reclaim what has been lost?

Ready to Heal?

Healing from the devastation CAN happen,  whether you have chosen to stay in the relationship or not and no matter what choices he makes. Are you ready to get YOU back?

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