Coaching For Spouses and Partners

The devastation that follows the discovery of sexual betrayal doesn't have to own you anymore. You can take back your life!

The discovery of sexual betrayals in the form of pornography addiction or infidelity can be traumatic. It is not uncommon to feel isolated, alone and like there is something wrong with you. I am here to tell you that you are NOT alone and there is nothing wrong with you. You were traumatized. Your feelings are valid. But they don’t have to own you anymore. You can reclaim who you were made to be.

As your recovery coach, I will give you a safe place to process what has happened and give you the tools needed to dig out from the pit you are in. It is a journey like no other, to the other side called HOPE.

Coaching Information

Begin the process of taking back what the enemy has stolen with a FREE consultation!

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