The gifts are purchased and wrapped, the cookies tempt me to eat them all, the decorations are just so, I am very pleased with the new additions and old alike. The tree is gorgeous and huge and filled with the white lights I wasn’t allowed to have while married and life just screams “THIS is a Christmas to remember.” Christmas begins for my home in just a few hours. My youngest two children and second from oldest will open their gifts as soon as they wake me up, their stockings probably already opened and the candy within consumed for breakfast. Setting my alarm on Christmas was never a thing for me but this year, I just needed time to reflect before my home is filled with family, friends and an amazing chaos that warms this heart like not much else. So while the teenagers think I am still sleeping, I stole a few precious quiet moments to reflect and the amazing Warriors I have come to know this last year come to mind.

Years ago, before betrayal trauma and sexual addiction were daily words in my vocabulary, I couldn’t have imagined having a heart so filled with love, respect, empathy and care for people I have never met in person or even heard their voice and would have never met had my life not imploded. Know this Christmas morning, my prayer for you this is that within whatever your day looks like, you find the hope, peace, and joy that surpasses all understanding. My prayer is that within some quiet moment, God speaks to you personally. I pray the warmth of Christ’s love washes over your skin and that even just for a moment, the trauma, pain, and heartache don’t matter. I plead for HOPE for you. Not hope in your spouse or marriage, as nice as that would be, hope in the promises of The Cross. The cross that changes everything for us and wouldn’t have happened without the manager. The Cross that can’t fail us. The only thing that never changes. I pray that HOPE grounds you and sustains you.


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