I am a word nerd. rather ironic since I cannot spell to save my life and my brain condition gave me aphasia, a condition where sometimes I will look at the pen and ask you to give me the refrigerator. Words are this weird dichotomy of having so much meaning when they are combined with actions and being so very meaningless without actions. Words alone are meaningless but words with a plan and with action are life-changing.

I don’t do New Years Resolutions but I do believe in being self-aware of where you have been and using that to define where you want to be. In that spirit, a few years ago I began picking words for the previous year. My words for the years after Dday show the progression of recovery for me and would be as follows:

2012: Devastation

2013: Destruction and Chaos

2014: Equilibrium

2015: Stand

2016: Free

2017: Hope

What are your recent years’ words? What are those words telling you about your life? Are you heading toward or away from where you want to be? Oh the amazing power of a word.

Many Blessings for 2018!



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